Stuff I need from the characters

Before character creation

Create an NPC. This should be someone significant to the city of Overlook. Examples: A wealthy venture-merchant, a lord of a well-established estate, a popular minstrel, the “father figure” leader of a band of street urchins. It doesn’t have to be one of the big movers and shakers, but it should be someone whose connections extend through the city.
I will need the NPC’s name, occupation, one or more distinctive personality traits, and how that NPC knows your PC. Don’t worry about stats or anything like that.
The point is to flesh out aspects of the setting that you are interested in, and connect your PCs to the world.

During character creation

  • Standard point buy rules, 1st level PCs.
  • Races and classes from PHB1 are all OK without review. There are communities of all the major races in the city.
  • Races from PHB2 or PHB3 will require more work from you. You will need to provide more detail on how your character came to live in the city, how they get along without a community, etc. Basically, an adventuring party of normal people is easy for me as a DM to work with. If you want to get fancy, I’ll allow it but you are going to have to shoulder the extra work.
  • Classes from PHB2/3 are probably OK, just double check with me.
  • No setting-specific races or classes. No Eberron, no FR, no Dark Sun. Heroes of Shadow/Feywild are open to negotiation, with the same caveat of you have to shoulder the extra work.
  • (optional) You may designate one of your mundane items (weapon, armor, holy symbol, whatever) as an heirloom item. Briefly describe its appearance, history, and how you came to acquire it. The only mechanical effect will be that when I would normally hand out loot to replace that item, I will power up the existing item instead.

After character creation

  • What does your character describe himself as? This is a chance to reskin your class. Even something simple, like whether your fighter considers himself a soldier or a knight or whatever is fine.
  • How does/did your character make a living? Menial jobs that they became an adventurer to escape from are great. Do they still do that work during their off time?
  • What is your character’s standard of living? Every character will live in, or at least near, the city, so no weaseling out of the cost of living by not having a home, only sleeping on the road during adventures, etc. Work out a total monthly expense that seems realistic, don’t get bogged down in minute details.
  • What paragon path does your character intend to take? This can change, but set a goal now to guide your personality and development.
  • Come up with a phrase or slogan that describes your character’s outlook. e.g. “Might makes right”, “Anything for money”, “Hunt the undead” or maybe something that isn’t exactly three words long if you want to go crazy.
  • (optional) Does your character have any relationship to another PC? Nothing antagonistic, please, but a friendly rivalry is fine.
  • (optional) Think of a theme of villain you would enjoy encountering. Demons, undead, goblinoids, etc.

As a group

As an adventuring group, you will need a patron.

Patron options

If none of these sound good, suggest another idea for one. Your patron can’t be one of the NPCs you came up with earlier.

Stuff I need from the characters

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