The city has had many names and many masters in its vast history. Today, it is known as Overlook by its inhabitants. Overlook is a city divided in half by a cliff hundreds of feet high. The higher half of the city is the demesne of the rich and powerful; the Duke, the Red Council and the White Council, powerful venture-merchants, and any others with the means to live out of the shadow of the Wall. The City Below, where the Duke’s knights rarely descend to protect the citizens, is for the industries, the ironworks and foundries, tanners and leatherworks, kept safely at the bottom of the great waterfall where their effluence can’t reach the City Above.

Of course, this is an extreme oversimplification. Large areas of the City Above are ghettos for the poor, and some of the richest and most powerful agents in the city live in the City Below. Not to speak of the City in Stone, the massive honeycomb of ancient dwarven-built passages and chambers now occupied by Overlook’s dwarves, gnomes, and halflings.

There are three practical ways to travel between the City Above and the City Below. The City in Stone has entrances at both ends, and the main thoroughfare through the dwarven warrens leads in a gentle spiral up. The path is wide enough for mule-drawn carts, but a tax is levied on all merchandise entering and leaving the City in Stone.
Alternatively, a series of switchbacks leads up the face of the Wall, if you’re not scared of heights. There are no taxes or tolls for using the switchback, but by the same token there is no government funding for road maintenance.
Most people use a portal circle if they’re in a hurry.


The titular head of state of Overlook is its Duke, currently Duke Miernan Croy. While many believe the Duke to be a mere figurehead, with the true power in the hands of the two Councils, the Duke still retains certain elements of authority. In particular, he is responsible for maintaining order in the city and maintaining foreign relationships with other states. The Duke’s Knights, while far short of the numbers to be considered a proper army, are extremely well-trained and equipped.


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