Dunkrim Bronzeforge

Dwarven venture-merchant


Five years ago, Dunkrim Bronzeforge owned half of the largest tinworks in Overlook. He believes that he was cheated by his business partner, who was able to escape the contract with almost all of the liquid wealth in the company, leaving Bronzeforge with the remains of a failing factory. With prodigious effort, and some loans from very questionable investors, Bronzeforge has managed to turn the tinworks into a profitable enterprise once again. No longer willing to be satisfied with a successful company, Bronzeforge wants the vast wealth and power of a venture-merchant.

Bronzeforge is looking for adventurers to send on high-risk, high-reward ventures. In particular, he wants the adventurers he hires to explore new lands, and seek untapped markets. Reputation and glory are only meaningful to him as a means to an end, and so long as the party doesn’t endanger the bottom line, they will largely be given free reign.

Dunkrim Bronzeforge

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