Corellian Dinar

Eladrin nobleman


A scion of the House of Ley, one of the three great houses that once ruled Overlook. He is the youngest of the three sons of the Dinar family, and can expect little in the way of an inheritance. Corellian, in fact, prefers things this way, and seeks to grow the fortune and glory of his family by his own means. Borrowing off the strength of his reputation as an honest and upstanding member of a respected noble family, Corellian has borrowed the means to fund an adventuring party. While his elder brothers scorn and mock his plans, his father has taken a “wait and see” attitude. So long as the reputation of the Dinars is not endangered, he will allow Corellian to proceed as he sees fit.

Corellian isn’t interested in long-term ventures. He is somewhat prejudiced against venture-merchants, believing that they have aspirations above their stations, and he doesn’t want to be perceived as one. Instead, he focuses on contracts with short term gains and high publicity. While he keeps a high percentage of contract fees for himself, he is also a skilled negotiator and tends to get the most possible reward. Although he is seeking personal glory, he has a reputation for honestly and will give credit where due to his adventuring party.

Corellian Dinar

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